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Self-catering accommodation 'popular'

September 2007

As more people seek 'authentic' holiday experiences, they are increasingly choosing to stay in private holiday homes rather than hotels, a new report suggests.

According to Mintel, over 60 per cent of holidaymakers now opt for self-catering accommodation when vacationing.

The data suggests that around 40 per cent of all self-catering holidays were taken in private holiday homes in 2006. Around a quarter (27 per cent) of all holidaymakers booked their holiday home directly with the owners and 13 per cent stayed with family or friends.

The website backs up Mintel's research, claiming that the number of holiday homes available to rent on its site has increased by over 220 per cent over the last few years.

A statement from the company reads: "The traditional 'you are what you eat' mantle has taken on new resonance in terms of self-expression and self-definition and a large part of the holiday experience is now sampling local cuisine.

"By providing freedom, space, and the flexibility to eat in or out, private holiday homes cater for these needs, as well as providing an authentic setting for the holiday."

The rise in low-cost flights has also made it easier for people to arrange their own holidays, rather than relying on packaged deals.