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Holiday mobile charges fall

Holidaymakers travelling in Europe this summer will find the cost of making and receiving calls on their mobile phones reduced after the Telecoms Council approved plans to cap roaming charges.

Last month, the EU announced that it wanted mobile phone roaming charges to be reduced for people travelling around Europe.

Over the three months from July, mobile phone operators will have to reduce their tariffs for people using mobile phones while on holiday in Europe.

Currently, it can cost up to 94p a minute to make and receive calls abroad - under the new regulations this cost will fall to around 33p.

Some consumer websites welcomed the move. Karen Darby, founder of, said: "With today's 'rubber-stamping' of the roaming charges proposal, the EU has shown it can act positively on the consumer's behalf.

"Despite a great deal of pressure from telecoms firms, price caps have been agreed that will put an end to extortionately high overseas call prices."

However, Rob Barnes, head of mobiles at, said that holidaymakers still needed to watch their mobile phone bills when they return from holiday.

"Costs will be forced down further over time but it seems we are a long way from fair call charges throughout Europe. There is also the likelihood that operators will offset reduced European call costs with increases in other areas," he explained.