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Renting rural property 'is popular'

More and more people from the UK are using low-cost flights to allow them to enjoy short breaks in the country, a new report suggests.

Until recently, people used cheap flights to let them take weekend city breaks, but research from shows that a third of its customers are now planning a short break to the countryside this summer.

Taking short country breaks in England remains the most popular choice for people looking for a relaxing weekend, but the survey revealed that people are also opting for rural retreats in France, Italy, Scotland, and Spain.

The website pointed out that people enjoyed short breaks and renting property because it allows them to enjoy the life only the mega-rich can afford.

"You don't need to own a holiday home to reap all the benefits - just rent someone else's," the site claimed.

Airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet offer cheap flights to a whole host of European destinations from UK airports, meaning that people can easily get away whenever they want.