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Brits 'opt for France'

Many people from the UK are turning their backs on exotic foreign destinations for their holidays and choosing places closer to home, a report suggests.

As many holidaymakers become increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint of their vacation, more people are booking campsites in France, Eurocamp claims.

According to the company, there has been a steep rise in the number of Brits booking summer holidays at its campsites, particularly in traditionally popular regions.

"France is booming this season, especially key regions like Brittany and the Pyrenees," explained Deborah Beckett, the managing director of Eurocamp.

"Families are thinking much more carefully about the impact they have on the environment and the potential stress involved from travelling to their holiday destination and this could be one of the factors influencing their return to France."

A study by the BBC earlier this year found that France was the fourth most popular tourist destination in the world.