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New security measures 'could cause chaos for holiday makers in Spain'

Millions of tourists heading to Spain this summer face long delays and disruptions after the country's government decided to implement strict new security measures.

From June 13th, people entering Spain will be required to provide detailed personal information, such as full name, nationality, date of birth and passport number.

The move is part of a Europe-wide initiative to standardise immigration procedures, but critics say that Spain has rushed the measures in as the country does not have to introduced them for another year.

Recently, a spokesperson from easyJet told the Times that the company was "aware of the change in requirements and is working with the Spanish authorities to achieve compliance as soon as possible."

Some companies, such as British Airways are encouraging passengers to enter their data on the airline's website before flying to cut down on delays.

However, the Scotsman reports that the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) said the move by the Spanish authorities was "very badly timed".

The ABTA spokesperson told the paper: "We would advise customers where possible to input their information online and where that is not possible to check in earlier."