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Bristol Airport runway to re-open

January 8, 2007

Flights from Bristol International Airport are hoped to resume today after safety concerns caused closure of the temporary runways in operation during resurfacing work. Despite assurances from the Civil Aviation Authority that the runway was safe, an airline boycott forced Bristol Airport to close and carry out fast-track repairs. Passengers were diverted to nearby Cardiff Airport.

Concerns for the safety of the sections of runway grew after claims that aircraft had skidded on landing in wet conditions. Ten airlines diverted their flights from Bristol Airport ; a total of 385 flights and 25,000 passengers were affected. After a third day of disruption and cancellations, bosses at Bristol Airport made the decision to close the runway overnight on Sunday to allow work on drainage systems. After assessments made on Sunday morning it was decided to cut grooves into the temporary surface and it is hoped that flights will commence by noon today, once safety checks have been carried out. It is expected that normal service will resume on Tuesday.

Aviation Development Director at Bristol Airport, Tony Hallwood, stated that Bristol Airport will "never compromise on passenger safety."

The temporary runway sections are in use during a five month, £17 million resurfacing scheme that Bristol Airport announced in October 2006. Passengers are advised to check with their flight operator for details of delays or changes to their flights. Remember to check back with Holiday Extras for further updates and the latest travel news.