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British Airways strikes called 0ff

January 2007

British Airways have announced that the two day strike by cabin crew has been called off. The strike, scheduled to begin on Tuesday January 30, had lead to the cancellation of all BA flights from Heathrow. The cancelled flights from Heathrow have now been reinstated as BA and the Transport and General Workers (T&G) Union reached a resolution.

The intended strike by thousands of BA cabin crew was to be the first of three proposed walkouts with two, 72 hour, strikes scheduled for February. In a dispute over sick leave, pay and staffing, BA's cabin crew had complained that the new regime on sickness pay forces them to work when unwell.

In reaction to the proposed strike British Airways cancelled 1,300 flights for Tuesday and Wednesday which included all of its flights from Heathrow along with all European and domestic flights from Gatwick. After a weekend of talks and negotiations with T&G officials, BA's chief executive Willie Walsh that "a solid foundation for working for the future" had been achieved. With the threat of strikes removed, T&G secretary general Tony Woodley stated that the new agreement marks "a fresh start."

While all international British Airways flights from Heathrow Airport have been reinstated, BA advise that there is still likely to be some disruption to European and domestic flights from Heathrow and Gatwick Airport. Passengers are advised to contact BA directly to find out if their flight will be operating. Contact details for British Airways are shown below. For further updates and other travel news, remember to check back with Holiday Extras.