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BA Announce New Baggage Charges

British Airways have announced a new system of baggage charges, changing the amount of luggage passengers can check in. Under the new regulations passengers will have to pay a fee for any additional bags.

The new rules will come be enforced from 30th September 2007 with the only exception being for flights headed to destinations such as the United States, Canada, Nigeria and Brazil whose rules are based on pieces of luggage rather than weight. Those who cannot manage a single bag are also exempt from the rule. Passengers will also be allowed to carry one piece of sporting equipment in addition to their baggage allowance.

Under the new restrictions, passengers are limited to a single 23kg bag with charges for additional bags depending on their destination. Passengers with an extra bag will pay an additional £240 for long-haul, £120 for European and £60 for domestic return flights. To allow it's customers time to become familiar with the new regulations, bags weighing up to 32kg will still be accepted until 30th September.

British Airways state that the new charges are being introduced in an effort "to simplify existing policies" and that only a minimal amount of passengers will be affected. BA are also offering a 30% discount on payments made in advance online.

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