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Channel 4's thrifty tips show recommends for the best deals on airport parking

SuperScrimpers' Mrs Moneypenny is on a crusade: to help the people of Britain live life for half the price.

The Channel 4 show is now in its third series and follows the lives of people who have previously been frivolous with their money. Mrs M's mission, with the aid of her thrifty army, is to help them to change their ways.

Last night's episode showed consumers how they can save hundreds on their holidays - and was featured on the programme as one of the best places to get a great deal on airport parking.

The leading travel add-ons company sells parking spaces at 27 UK airports, and customers who book in advance can save up to 60 per cent on the original price.

All products are also covered by a Never Beaten on Price guarantee - so if customers find the same deal cheaper elsewhere, Holiday Extras will match the price.

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