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The goes green in support of the Travel Foundation's Make Holidays Greener campaign.

The company's Environment Team, which formed earlier in the year, organised a week's worth of daily green tasks at its Hythe-based HQ. Eco-friendly challenges included a day without printing; travelling to work an alternative, greener way; an energy-saving day; and a recycling swap-shop.

The final day saw support the local community by holding an indoor farmers' market and cookery school. David Cowell from the Travel Foundation also came in to promote sustainable tourism.

Carolyne Creed, Head of Learning and Development at, said: "Team Environment was set up earlier this year in response to huge demand within the company. Since we launched, we've established our overall aims and planned our objectives for 2012.

“Our focus is on recycling, saving energy and community responsibility, with even the simplest changes - such as recycling tea bags in the team kitchen and turning off lights in unused meeting rooms - making a difference."

Take a look at the guide to green travel for tips on reducing your carbon footprint.