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Your first flight from Newcastle airport

First time on an aircraft? Don't worry

Many feel nervous about their first flight, but don't worry. Flying is the safest form of transport and pilots are highly trained - you are in good hands. You will really enjoy your flight. People fly every day with no problems, and so will you.

Newcastle airport - sit back and relax

If you think you may be nervous on the flight then taking your mind off things may be a very good idea. We have tried to list some ideas for you below that may be of benefit so read on and see if they work for you.

First time flyers at Newcastle airport

Relax in an airport lounge

Newcastle airport lounge

If you are looking for a relaxed and quiet place to wait for your flight then look no further than a Newcastle airport lounge. Avoid those noisy crowds in the terminal building and relax in a comfortable chair in peaceful, tranquil surroundings. Sample the delicious complimentary snacks and drinks on offer whilst you wait for your flight. A fantastic, hugely popular option at Newcastle airport.

Keep yourself busy

Airport shops

The key to dealing with any pre-flight nerves is to keep yourself busy. Fortunately airports are a great place to do just this. WHSmiths have a superb range of magazines and books to read on the flight as well as a section aimed specifically at children. Alternatively you could visit the Holiday Extras travel shop for accessories and gift ideas. We have teamed up with Amazon to bring you not only great prices but a fantastic range of high quality goods.

Grab a bite to eat

Shop, eat or drink at Newcastle airport

Newcastle airport has a good range of eateries that cater for adults and children alike. If you have a baby with you then you will be pleased to know that feeding facilities are available in addition to the childrens menu. If you would like something special whilst you wait then the Real Food Company's chocolate fountain will fit the bill. Dip a fruit kebab or muffin into molten chocolate and savour the taste, they really are delicious.

For more detailed information and advice about flying for the first time, visit our first-time flyers page.