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First time fliers from Manchester airport

First-time flyer? Don't worry

Our first time flyers guide provides you with valuable information when flying for the first time. This page specifically looks at your first flight from Manchester airport to help you enjoy the start of your holiday and not feel overwhelmed.

Relax at Manchester airport

Don't let your nerves take over. Our Manchester guide covers things you can do at the airport before your flight departs. So read on to discover exactly what is available to keep yourself occupied whilst you wait.

Wait in style

If you dislike airport crowds and would like to wait for your flight in quiet surroundings then an airport lounge will be for you. Our Manchester airport lounge options will see you relax in a quiet, calming airport lounge whilst sampling the delicious complimentary snacks and drinks on offer. There is no better way to wait for a flight so why not give it a try?

Keep yourself occupied

If you feel you may be a little nervous on the flight then you may wish to buy some reading material. You can grab yourself a good book or magazine at WHSmiths when you arrive at the airport. Alternatively how about visiting the Holiday Extras travel shop in the days leading up to your flight? We have teamed up with Amazon to bring you a selection of great holiday accessories and gifts.

Eat while you wait

Manchester airport has a great range of eateries to grab anything from a full meal to a light snack before you depart. Many first time flyers decide to have a small alcoholic drink either in the airport or on the plane if they are nervous. If you intend to do this then we would suggest having a bite to eat before you board the plane. It's never idea to drink on an empty stomach - especially if you are feeling nervous.

For more detailed information and advice about flying for the first time, visit our first-time flyers page.