Getting around the green way

By Jonathan Vickery

Consider how you plan on getting aroundOnce you are on holiday, you will need to get around. If you would like to do this in the greenest way possible, there are options.

Think about how you are going to travel about when you arrive on holiday. Are you planning on renting a car? If so, consider the impact this would have on the environment compared with using public transport. The benefits of joining a bus or coach tour are that you will be sharing the fuel used with the other passengers. If you and all the other passengers were to rent a car separately, you would emit significantly more carbon to visit the same destination.

"If you and all the other passengers were to rent a car separately, you would create significantly more carbon to visit the same destination."

Enquire with your tour guide about coach trips that are available. Many of them will pick you up from reception as well, meaning you don't even have to find your way to a departure point, saving both cost and pollution.

A further consideration for when you are on any excursions is to ensure you either take any rubbish home with you or dispose of it in a sensible way in bins provided. If you are eating outside, make sure you clear your table even if there are people doing it for you. Between the time you leave your table and somebody clearing it, any paper and wrappers can blow away. This not only causes litter in the surrounding area, but is a danger to local wildlife.

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Top tip
Please use water sparingly. Take short showers rather than baths, and inform staff if you are happy to reuse towels and bed linen rather than having them replaced daily.

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