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Gatwick airport directions

Located 24 miles from central London, Gatwick airport is clearly signposted and easy to find. The best way to reach Gatwick airport is via the M23 motorway. The M23 branches south off junction 7 of the M25. The following are directions on how to reach the M23 from various areas of the country.

  • From the north : The best way to get reach the M25 from the north of the country is from the M40 (Birmingham, Midlands), the M1 or the A1 from the north east. Once on the M25 drive west (signposted Heathrow, Gatwick) until J7. Leave the M25 at junction 7 and join the M23 (signposted Gatwick).

  • From the west: Take the M4 east towards London and then the M25 in the Heathrow and Gatwick direction. Come off the M25 at junction 7 and head south along the M23 following directions for Gatwick. From the south west take the M3 and then join the M25. Go eastbound towards Gatwick until junction 7. Come off the M25 at junction 7 and join the M23 southbound signposted for Gatwick airport.

  • From the south: From the south coast take the A23 northbound towards the M23. Join the M23 and then continue to junction 9. From the southeast take the M20 west towards London. At junction 3 of the M20 join the M26 signposted for Heathrow and Gatwick. Join the M25 at junction 5. From the M25 take the southbound M23 at junction 7.

  • From the east: Join the M25 using the the A13 (Essex), or the M11. Head south along the M25 in the Dartford direction. Stay on the motorway through the Dartford Crossing and all the way to junction 7. Leave the M25 at junction 7 and head southbound onto the M23 for Gatwick airport.

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