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Information for first time flyers at East Midlands airport

First flight? No problem

Many people feel slightly apprehensive when they are about to fly for the first time. Just being told to relax does not always work, however the Holiday Extras first time flyers guide could be just what you need before you take off.

Relax at East Midlands airport

If flying makes you nervous then you may wish to try to take your mind off things. Why not browse the duty free or have a bite to eat? You could try an East Midlands airport lounge for the ultimate in relaxation.

First time flyers at East Midlands airport

Relax in an airport lounge

East Midlands airport lounge

If the airport crowds don't agree with you then don't worry there is a solution. Book yourself an East Midlands airport lounge and relax in calm peaceful surroundings before you board the aircraft. Whilst you wait why not sample the delicious complimentary snacks and drinks on offer whilst relaxing in your comfortable chair? Airport lounges are a popular option with many of our customers so why not give one a try?

Keeping yourself busy

Airport shops

If you feel nervous about the prospect of your flight or if you have a fear of flying then the first thing we would suggest is to keep yourself busy. East Midlands airport has a good selection of shops to browse such as Biza, Accessorize, Boots, Dixons, Spa, WHSmith and The Aviation Gift Centre. If you fear flying then why not take a look round the Aviation Gift Centre and learn a little more about planes, it may be just what you need to relax you that little bit more.

Relax and eat

Shop, eat or drink at East Midlands airport

It is never a good idea to fly on an empty stomach especially if you are nervous about flying. If you plan on having a drink on the aircraft to calm your nerves then it is even more important to have a bite to eat before you take your seat. Why not try to find a seat near the runway so that you can witness the aircraft taking off and landing. This will hopefully illustrate perfectly just how routine flying is and how many aircraft take off and land every day without any incident whatsoever.

For more detailed information and advise about first-time flying, visit out first-time flyers page.