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Flying for the first time from Doncaster airport

If you are worried about a first flight then check out our first time flyers page which outlines tips and techniques to help you relax. You can also find information on this page dealing with flying from Doncaster airport specifically.

Sit back and relax at Doncaster airport

Despite Doncaster being a smaller UK airport there is still a lot to do there. Below we have outlined some of these that will hopefully help you stay calm when you are waiting for your flight, we really hope these are of use to you.

Amuse yourself before your flight

The internet is a great way to take your mind off your flight and checking things relevant to your holiday. If you have a laptop or PDA with wireless the you will be able to connect to the Doncaster airport internet connection. The access is provided by The Cloud and gives you a fast and reliable connection for all your needs. For information on how to connect to the internet at Doncaster airport please visit

Keep yourself occupied

Take your mind off your flight by visiting the Alpha Airport Shopping duty free shop. Find yourself a bargain or grab a present for the friends or family. The airport also has a Spar shop, Reds tanning salon and WH Smiths. If you are looking for some holiday supplies then it's not always best to leave it until you arrive at the airport. Holiday Extras have teamed up with Amazon to bring you the new Holiday Extras Travel Shop which stocks a great range of holiday products.

Grab a bite to eat before you fly

It is never a good idea to board a flight on an empty stomach, when nervous. If you are planning on a small tipple to calm the nerves on the aircraft then it's a good idea to have something to eat. Doncaster airport has a Costa Coffee that serves a fantastic range of drinks as well as cakes and snacks. For something more substantial Weatherspoons serve a selection of hot meals as well as alcoholic and soft drinks.

For more detailed information and advice about flying for the first time, visit our first-time flyers page.