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Find the perfect parking at Vancouver Airport

We know there can be a lot to consider when you're picking your Vancouver Airport parking, from cost to proximity to the terminal. Do you want on-airport or off-airport? Should you park your car or let someone else worry about it? These are all fantastic questions and we'll do our best to help you find the answers. We've got over 36 years' experience in airport parking so let's dive in.

If you're flying from Vancouver Airport in Canada, then there's no need for your airport parking to be stressful! Check out all the great parking options below.

Vancouver Airport Parking
Parking Lot Location Transfer times*
Park'N Fly Valet Parking On-airport 8 minutes
YVR Value Long Term Parking On-airport 4 minutes
Vancouver Airport Parkade On-airport 5 minutes
JetSet Parking On-airport 10 minutes
South Terminal - Lot #1152 On-airport 10 minutes
Airport Square Parking - Lot #521 Off-airport 5 minutes
Sheraton Vancouver Airport Parking - Lot #970 Off-airport 10 minutes
Westpark Lot #230 Off-airport 8 minutes
Advanced Parking Off-airport 5 minutes
Airport Executive Park - Lot #661 Off-airport 10 minutes
YVR Float Plane Lot #1151 On-airport 10 minutes

*Transfer times are approximate.

What do all the different types of parking actually mean? Below we've broken down the key terms you are likely to run into when booking your airport parking:

On-Airport parking at Vancouver Airport

Excellent for convenience, these on-airport Vancouver Airport parking lots are on the airport grounds meaning they have small transfer times, often just a simple stroll or quick transfer shuttle to departures.

  • JetSet Parking
  • YVR Value Long Term Parking
  • Vancouver Airport Parkade
  • YVR Float Plane Lot #1151
  • South Terminal - Lot #1152

Off-Airport parking at Vancouver Airport

Off-airport parking lots are very often cheaper options for parking as they're not on prime airport grounds real estate. You will generally find that these off-airport parking lots have regular transfer shuttles to get you to the airport.

  • Airport Square Parking - Lot #521
  • Sheraton Vancouver Airport Parking - Lot #970
  • Westpark Lot #230
  • Advanced Parking
  • Airport Executive Park - Lot #661

Meet and Greet Parking at Vancouver Airport

If you're looking for the height of convenience in parking at Vancouver Airport then let someone else take care of your car! With Meet and Greet parking at Vancouver Airport you can drop your car off with a professional driver who will park your car for you while you get on with your holiday!

  • Park'N Fly Valet Parking

Electric cars ⚡

Several of the parking lots near Vancouver Airport provide free electric car charging bays, usually available for 4hr charging sessions at a time:

  • Park'N Fly Valet Parking
  • Vancouver Airport Parkade
  • YVR Value Long Term Parking
  • JetSet Parking
  • South Terminal - Lot #1152
  • Airport Square Parking - Lot #521
  • Sheraton Vancouver Airport Parking - Lot #970
  • Westpark Lot #230
Vancouver Electric Car Charging
Holiday Extras recommended Vancouver Airport Parking

As you can see there are a lot of parking lots available at Vancouver Airport! But which one is our favourite? Well, we've got three actually...

Park 'N' Fly Vancouver Airport Valet Parking

Nothing could be easier for your parking than letting someone else find a space for your car. With Park'N Fly Valet Parking at Vancouver that's exactly what you can enjoy, hand your keys to a professional driver and they'll park your car for you while you simply head to departures. To really treat yourself, and your car, you can also enjoy the following services at this park lot (please be aware these may incur extra fees).

Electric car charging

Car cleaning service

Oil change

Vancouver Airport Parkade

This Parkade (or parking garage) is ideal for a quick transfer to the Main Terminal as you can walk there in just 5 minutes! Park up, grab your luggage and stroll to departures, with one of the easiest parking lot available at Vancouver Airport.

YVR Value Long Term Parking

We love the Value Long Term Parking at Vancouver Airport, and a large part of that is because it does exactly what it says... This is long term parking that offers great value, it's close to the terminals so your transfers will be quick and easy and they even offer free electric car charging. What's not to love?

Facilities and amenities at Vancouver Airport

Vancouver Airport is as well-equipped as you'd expect, with a vast range of restaurants to suit your tastes whether it's a quick sandwich before you fly or a full-on meal, there's something for everyone. You can grab a quick coffee and one of several Starbucks, sit down for a delicious burger at Carl's Jr. or some tasty dining at Vino Volo, and that's just 3 of the over 40 choices you have!

After you've filled up on yummy food, hit the shops for some excellent duty-free shopping including Burberry, Brooks Brothers and Cartier. If you need some last minute holiday items there's plenty of convenience stores too that should stock what you're after. Make sure you visit Lick if you have a sweet tooth, a truly outstanding candy shop!

On top of all this there are a host of airport lounges you can book into to relax before your flight, although if you really want to unwind, book into one of the airport spas. Yes, you read that right, there are spa treatments available at Vancouver Airport! You can also find a pharmacy, dental offices, a medical clinic, dry cleaners offering shoe/clothing repair, a post office, multiple banks and a concierge service.

Vancouver Airport Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

How many terminals are there at Vancouver Airport?

There are 3 terminals at Vancouver Airport:

  • Main Terminal, also called Terminal M, for international and domestic flights
  • South Terminal serving mostly regional flights and chartered/helicopter flights
  • Floatplane Terminal, housing the corporate headquarters of Harbour Air and Pacific Coastal Airlines

Where is long term parking at Vancouver airport?

The Long Term Value Park Lot at Vancouver Airport is located close to the Templeton Station on the Canada Line for maximum convenience and it includes designated family and accessible parking spaces.

Is there free parking at YVR?

You can park for free for up to 30 minutes in the phone waiting areas, these are always located near entrances, exits, walkways and lifts at Vancouver Airport.

Where is the best place to park at YVR?

While there are a variety of parking lots close to Vancouver Airport, all of which are great places to park, one of the most popular lots is JetSet Parking. This Vancouver Airport parking lot is just a 10 minute transfer shuttle from departures and the buses run very regularly.