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Discover great parking at Toronto Airport

Toronto Airport, also known as Pearson Airport, is a popular place to depart from for your holidays, so with so many people passing through it's departures, make sure you're not getting caught out on your parking. Searching for airport parking can be quite a stressful experience, like trying to track down a parking space in a busy parking lot, so let us help you.

We've got decades of experience in airport parking, we'll show you what parking is available near Toronto Airport and get you the scoop on the different types of parking available keeping everything as clear as possible. Below you can see an overview of the parking lots close to Pearson Airport Toronto.

Toronto Airport Parking Lots
Parking lot Location Transfer times*
Express Park On-airport 2-3 minutes
Daily Park On-airport 2-3 minutes
Preferred Park On-airport 3-5 minutes
Express Valet On-airport 2-3 minutes
Valet Care On-airport 2-3 minutes
Value Park Lot On-airport 9-15 minutes
Viscount Station Reserved Lot On-airport 6-12 minutes
Park'N Fly Valet Parking On-airport 3-5 minutes
Park For U Valet Parking On-airport 2-3 minutes
Skypark Self-Park On-airport 2 minutes
Toronto Self Park Airport Parking Off-airport 10-15 minutes
EZ Airport Parking Off-airport 2-5 minutes
Aerospot Parking Toronto Airport Off-airport 2 minutes
Park'N Fly Self Park B Off-airport 10-15 minutes

*Transfer times are approximate.

On-airport parking at Toronto Airport

One of the easiest ways to park at Pearson Airport, Toronto is to choose an on-airport parking lot. These parking facilities are located on airport grounds, meaning you'll be parking close to departures and keeping your transfer times to a minimum, often just a short stroll from your car. You may find that due to their proximity to the airport these parking lots are a little pricier.

  • Express Park
  • Daily Park
  • Preferred Park
  • Value Park Lot
  • Viscount Station Reserved Lot
  • Skypark Self-Park

Off-airport parking at Toronto Airport

While not on airport grounds, these off-airport Toronto Airport parking lots are still close to the terminals and are usually served by a transfer shuttle to get you from the parking lot to departures with a minimum of fuss. In most cases you'll just need to find a parking space, grab your luggage and jump on the transfer shuttle.

  • Toronto Self Park Airport Parking
  • EZ Airport Parking
  • Aerospot Parking Toronto Airport
  • Park'N Fly Self Park B
  • Park'N Fly Valet Parking
  • Park For U Valet Parking

Meet and Greet Parking at Toronto Airport

Arguably the most convenient way to park at Toronto Pearson Airport, meet and greet parking takes away all of the stress of tracking down your own parking spot and worrying about catching a transfer bus. You'll be met at the airport by a professional driver, hand them your keys and they'll drive your car to a secured parking lot where it'll stay for the duration of your trip. When you get back the driver will return your car to the terminal so you can just hop in and head home.

  • Express Valet
  • Valet Care

Electric cars ⚡

The last thing you want when you get back from your trip is to face an empty battery in your electric car, thankfully a range of the parking lots at Toronto Airport offer electric car charging within their services. Below you can see a list of the Pearson Airport parking lots that offer electric car charging.

  • Express Park
  • Daily Park (Terminal 3 lot only)
  • Valet Care
  • Express Valet
  • Park'N Fly Valet Parking
Toronto Electric Car Charging
Holiday Extras recommended Toronto Airport Parking

With such a range of choices available at Pearson Airport, we thought we'd highlight a couple of our favourites.

Park'N Fly Valet Parking

Valet Parking is one of the simplest ways to park your car at Toronto Airport, not quite as simple as Meet and Greet parking, but very, very close to it. Drive to the Park'N Fly parking lot and check-in, no need to worry about hunting down a parking space as the professional drivers will do that for you, just grab your luggage and hop onto the transfer shuttle to the airport, they run every 8 minutes or less.

One of our favourite things about Park'N Fly is the extra car care available, although please be aware that these services may carry an additional charge.

Car wash and detailing

Oil change

Electric vehicle charging

Valet Care

An official Toronto Airport Valet parking lot, Valet Care is a true luxury treatment for you and your car. With curbside drop-off you can drive straight up to the terminal and stroll calmly to departures while a professional valet takes your car to a secure parking lot for you, no need to worry about transfers, just get on with your trip. Your car will be parked in the Toronto Airport indoor lot while you're away and there are a number of extra services you can request to treat your car (additional charges may apply).

Car wash and detailing

Oil change

Electric vehicle charging

Value Park Lot

One of the most cost-effective ways to park at Toronto Airport without missing out on short transfer times is the Value Park Lot. This park and ride style parking lot is a 9-15 minute transfer to either terminal on the free transfer shuttle which runs every 4 minutes.

Facilities and amenities at Toronto Airport

Pearson Airport has a vast range of services and facilities to make sure that your travel experience is a truly excellent one. Feeling peckish before you fly? There are sixty eateries across the two terminals at Toronto Pearson Airport catering to every palate, from quick bites at Subway or Starbucks, to more international dishes at Bento Sushi and Thai Express and everything in between.

Need a last minute pair of sunglasses? Or are you hoping to get the gift shopping done before you relax on your holiday? Either way, there are plenty of shops available at the airport for you to find whatever you need. Designer labels Duty-free and big name perfumes are all present here, as well as a host of other shops to make sure you can find whatever it is you need.

Toronto Airport doesn't slouch when it comes to services either, with private nursing areas, lost and found offices, pharmacies, banks and even art installations. Who said that waiting for your flight needed to be boring? Enjoy the various paintings and sculptures dotted around the airport as you get ready for your trip and you might even be lucky enough to catch a performance by a local musician.

Toronto Airport Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the airport in Toronto called?

Often known as either Toronto Airport or Toronto Pearson Airport, this international airport is actually the largest international airport in Canada, handling almost twice as many visitors a year as the next largest, Vancouver International Airport. The IATA code for Toronto Pearson Airport is YYZ.

How much does it cost to park at Toronto airport?

This can depend on the type of parking you're looking for and the duration of your car's stay. You may find that valet or on-airport parking will be a little pricey, while an off-airport park and ride parking lot will be a bit more budget-friendly. The price of your parking can also be affected by the time of year and whether you are booking in advance or paying on the day - advance bookings for parking often save you money.

What is the cheapest parking at Pearson Airport Toronto?

Value Park Lot is the cheapest of the on-airport, official parking lots at Toronto Pearson Airport.

Is there free parking at Pearson?

You can get up to 18 minutes of free parking at Toronto Pearson Airport by reserving an Express Pass before arriving at the airport. The parking area is within the covered garages at Terminal 1 and 3, making it an excellent alternative to curbside pick-up and drop-off.