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Find the perfect parking at Montréal Airport

There can be a lot to consider when you're picking your Montréal Airport parking, from cost to proximity to the terminal. Do you want on-airport or off-airport parking? Should you park your car or enjoy the convenience of valet parking? These are important questions and we'll do our best to help you find the answers. We've got over 36 years' experience in airport parking so you've come to the right place!

If you're flying from Montréal Airport in Canada, then there's no need for your parking to be stressful! Check out all the parking options below.

Montréal Airport Parking
Parking Lot Location Transfer times*
Short-Term Terminal Parking On-airport 3-4 minute walk
Multi-Level Terminal Parking On-airport 5-6 minute walk
ValetParc On-airport 0 minutes
HotelParc (Indoor) On-airport 0 minutes
EconoParc On-airport 10-15 minute shuttle
AeroParc On-airport 16 minute shuttle
Park'N Fly Off-airport 3-5 minute shuttle

*Transfer times are approximate.

We have a few different options for your parking at Montréal-Trudeau International Airport which means you can choose the perfect parking for your needs. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly parking lot or something ultra-convenient and within walking distance of the terminal, we've got you covered. Click the 'Search' button below, select your airport and travel dates and we'll show you all our live pricing and availability.

So, what do all the different types of parking actually mean? Get a clearer picture of the Montréal airport parking that's perfect for you below:

On-Airport parking at Montréal Airport

Excellent for convenience, these on-airport Montréal airport parking lots are close to the terminal, meaning they have small transfer times, and are often just a simple stroll or quick transfer shuttle from departures.

The HotelParc is a heated indoor parking lot located below the U.S. check-in area, with a walkway to the terminal. The EconoParc is a budget-friendly economy parking lot located at the airport and ideal for long stays.

  • Short-Term Terminal Parking
  • Multi-Level Terminal Parking
  • ValetParc
  • HotelParc (Indoor)
  • EconoParc AeroParc

Off-Airport parking at Montréal Airport

Off-airport parking lots can be cheaper options for parking as they're not on prime airport grounds real estate. You will generally find that these off-airport parking lots have regular transfer shuttles to take you to the airport.

For YUL parking made easy, Park'N Fly offers several options to park your vehicle at Montréal-Trudeau International Airport. You can choose between valet parking or two self-park options. Park your vehicle in one of their secure lots and simply hop on the free shuttle for a short ride to the terminal (available 24/7).

  • Park'N Fly (Self park or Valet parking)

Meet and Greet Parking at Montréal Airport

If you're looking for the height of convenience in parking at Montréal Airport, then let someone else take care of your car! With Meet and Greet parking at Montréal Airport you don't need to find your own parking space because you can drop your car off with a professional driver who will park your car for you. It's the most hassle-free way you can start your holiday!

  • ValetParc (Terminal Valet Parking)
  • Park'N Fly Valet Parking

Electric cars ⚡

Aéroports de Montréal provides charging stations for electric vehicles in the terminal parking lot. Drivers of electric vehicles have access to four dedicated parking spaces (Circuit électrique) located at ValetParc.

Park'N Fly also offers complimentary charging services for your electric vehicle, available at the off-airport parking lot. Available at the valet location, when you arrive back from your trip, your vehicle will be fully charged and waiting.

Montréal Electric Car Charging
Holiday Extras recommended Montréal Airport Parking

As you can see there are a lot of parking options available at Montréal Airport! Below we've highlighted a couple of our favourites for you!

Park 'N' Fly Valet Parking

Nothing could be easier for your parking than letting someone else kindly park your car for you. With Park'N Fly Valet Parking at Montréal you can hand your keys to a professional driver and they'll park your car for you while you catch the short transfer shuttle to the terminal. To really treat yourself, and your car, you can also give your car some TLC, with one of the professional car-care add-ons, including an exterior wash and interior detailing.

EconoParc Montréal Airport

Book Economy parking that's at the airport. Suitable for long-term parking, this is an ideal way of parking for your trip without a high price-tag. Once you've parked your car, simply take the free shuttle ride to the terminal. The shuttle takes approximately 10-15 minutes and is offered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Montréal Airport Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

How many terminals are there at Montréal Airport?

There is one two-storied terminal at Montréal-Trudeau Airport. This is divided into four different zones:

  • the public area (departures and arrivals level)
  • the domestic jetty
  • the international jetty
  • the transborder jetty

How much is long term parking at Montréal Airport?

Long term parking at Montréal Airport is available within several parking lots and the cost depends upon the type of parking you choose. The Economy parking lot, located at the airport, is a cheaper option that's ideal for long stays.

Is there free parking at YUL?

Yes, you can park for free for two hours in the CellParc. Ideal for picking up passengers, the CellParc allows you to wait in the comfort of your car. Please note you must remain in your vehicle while waiting.