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Flying from Bristol airport

Is this your first flight?

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous before a first flight. If you would like some advice about your first flight then visit our first time flyers page. For a page dedicated to flying from any UK airport check out our first time flyers page.

Relax at Bristol airport

Keeping your mind occupied can be a great idea if you are feeling nervous before your flight. Our Bristol-specific guide suggests activities to take your mind off any pre-flight nerves you may have.

Relax in an airport lounge

If you dislike airport crowds then a Bristol airport lounge will be right up your street. Booking an airport lounge will see you get away from the hustle and bustle of the airport and relax in a comfortable chair whilst sampling the complimentary snacks and drinks available. As you can imagine this option is very popular amongst our customers, so why not give it a try and see the other side of air travel?

Keep yourself occupied

Shopping is a great way to take your mind off the flight ahead and will also give you the opportunity to buy presents for the friends and family. You could also start your shopping early by checking out the Holiday Extras travel shop. We have teamed up with Amazon to bring you a fantastic range of goods you may like to take a look at before you set off for the airport.

Relax and eat

If you are feel apprehensive before your flight then it may be a good idea to grab a bite to eat in the airport. Pre-flight nerves often lead to a drink or two in the airport or onboard during the flight. If you are planning on having a small drink to calm your fears then it would be a very good idea to have something to eat beforehand. We would not suggest drinking on an empty stomach as this could make you feel unwell and compound any nerves you may have.

For more detailed information and advice about your first flight, visit our first-time flyers page.