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First-time flyers from Aberdeen

A useful guide for first-time flyers from Aberdeen

First time in a plane? Well then we recommend heading over and reading our first time flyers guide for all the useful info to help you before take-off. This page has a few pointers for anyone new to Aberdeen airport itself.

It's always best to be relaxed before a flight

If you're a little bit nervous about flying or just fancy escaping the busy departure lounge crowds then a stay in the Servisair lounge at Aberdeen airport is perfect. You'll enjoy air conditioning, snacks, drinks and entertainment.

First time flyers at Aberdeen airport

Making sure everything's ready

Even if you're not flying for the first time we wouldn't recommend leaving anything to the last-minute, it's always best to sort everything early. Read our first time flyers guide, our holiday checklist and check in with our expert panel for vital air travel information. We can help everything go smoothly by providing your Aberdeen airport hotel and your Aberdeen airport parking.

Last-minute ideas

While we'd never advise leaving anything to the last minute, some things that can make the flight more comfortable such as neck pillows, blindfolds, sleeping masks and flight socks are readily available in the duty free shops at the terminal. The duty free shop in the terminal is a great place to find any items like these and pick up any holiday bargains before you fly.