Stansted Park and Ride parking for windsurfers

By Jonathan Clarke

Spend more on holiday when you save with off-airport parking at StanstedIf you're looking to save money for your windsurfing holiday then a Park and Ride service at Stansted might be just the ticket.

While you will need to get all your kit on a transfer bus from car park to the airport terminal, a Park and Ride will leave you with more to spend while you're on holiday. Of course, if you're planning on renting windsurfing gear when you arrive then a Park and Ride may well be the way to go.

It's certainly easy, just park at the car park and hop on the bus, our closest Park and Ride car park is just five minutes away from the terminal.

Looking for the most hassle-free option? Try a Meet and Greet service, great for windsurfers.

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Top tip
Never go windsurfing alone. It's much safer when someone is there to help you if you have an accident.

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