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Where to go at night in Alicante

From the crack of dawn to the dying embers of the night, Alicante has so much to offer its visitors. Before you finalise your holiday plans, be sure grab a great deal on one of our low price Airport Transfers. We have a variety of options to suit all budgets and will get you to your destination from Alicante Airport as quickly as possible and hassle-free.

This Mediterranean city is a great place to stay for people of all ages but if you're travelling with like-minded adults, there's even more to enjoy during balmy evenings.

Take a walk

One of the best ways to experience Alicante's nightlife is on foot, particularly when it's along the vividly marbled Explanada de España and around the vibrant Rambla Méndez Núññez. Either is a great place to start, each providing access to a host of bars and restaurants, some of which are situated right by the sea.

Historic Nights

One area that is well worth frequenting is El Barrio Antiguo. Really, this part of Alicante is charming at any time of day, but during the evenings it attracts university-aged revellers, older patrons and visitors alike. This colourful, historic area features an array of restaurants, pubs, cocktail bars and live music venues. Tribeca Music Bar and Freaks Arts Bar are two of the city's most popular night-time drinking destinations, while Imanyo Pub offers a combination of good food, drink and friendly service. For some of the best local cuisine, La Crispeta, El Gosto del Gourmet and Bar Estiu Arroceria each provide Mediterranean treats that will tantalise your taste buds.

Dance, dance, dance

There are few better ways to let your hair down than by grooving to some cool beats. Popular nightclub areas include Alicante's Old District and the aforementioned El Barrio Antiguo. Discoteca OZ is a sound option for anyone that enjoys house-infused tunes while Club Camelot is ideal for folk that like their music to have an alternative-indie vibe.

A spot of culture

There are a number of theatres in the city, the most prominent of which is Teatro Principal. Depending on when you go, there's every chance you'll enjoy a Puccini opera, a classic Spanish play or the chance to take part in a dance workshop.

We've touched on just a few examples of night-time entertainment that are on offer in and around this beach city. When you've arranged your flights and accommodation, the next step is to take advantage of our fantastic savings on Alicante airport transfers.