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What's the best time of year to visit Alicante?

Alicante is a year-round type of city. Beautiful beaches serve tanning and watersports enthusiasts in summer, while its cultural and foodie scene is something to focus on when the weather cools. We do know that whether your stay is in the height of summer or midwinter, our airport transfers can get you to your destination. So, if you're wondering: what's the best time of year to visit Alicante, we can help you out with some info and advice.


From March to May, the weather averages around 16 degrees with few rainy days and enough sunshine to make trips to the beach worthwhile. Now is a fantastic time to have a go at snorkelling, diving or surfing lessons at Alicante's beaches – it's not so hot that you just want to doze off on the sand, but not too cold to enjoy the beautiful blue seas.


Between June and mid September is the most popular time to visit Alicante – so prices might be a little bit higher. The weather during summer months is hot, averaging 26 degrees but often reaches the early 30s. If you like your holidays to be all about relaxing, summer in Alicante is perfect. Check out all the beaches, enjoy the shorefront bars and take it easy.


Autumn is the most varying time of year to visit Alicante. September still clings to summer temps, but November can hover as low as 12 degrees. Remember that October is the wettest month to visit, with rainy days more than half the month. It's cool enough to still be out and about – you can keep warm on one of the city's walking or bike tours, plus you get to see more of the area at the same time.


Winter in Alicante is probably the most budget-friendly time of year. As with most winter months, the temperature fluctuates quite a lot, from highs of about 18 degrees to lows of about 7 degrees. There's more to Alicante than its beaches and oceans, however. Visiting Alicante during winter means you can take advantage of museums, art galleries and fabulous restaurants, pubs and bars. So, if you like a spot of culture, winter is the perfect time to explore all that Alicante offers.

Here at Holiday Extras, we cater for visitors to Alicante all year round. Whether it's blazing sunlight or cool and cloudy, our great value Alicante airport transfers are on-hand to get you to your resort smoothly and reliably.