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What should I pack for Tenerife?

You've booked your flights and accommodation, booked your airport transfers with Holiday Extras and changed your pounds into euros, but what should you pack? There is so much to see and do in Tenerife that, if you haven't got a rough idea of what you'd like to do, you could end up with a bulging suitcase and an excess luggage bill. Your packing checklist depends on the type of person you are…

For the adventurer

If you're into exploring new territories, you'll probably be planning on doing some hiking during your time in Tenerife. The terrain is not always smooth so you should take walking boots, as well as a sun hat and sun cream. In exposed regions, you should try to cover up in loose-fitting clothing to avoid sunburn. The temperature rarely falls below 12°C at any time of the year, but you could bring a jacket in colder months. On certain hiking trails, you could walk for miles before coming across anyone else, so make sure you have a detailed map, lightweight water bottle and good food supplies.

For the culture vulture

There are plenty of opportunities to admire historic architecture and wander through narrow, cobbled streets in Tenerife, so pack sturdy shoes that you can walk all day in without getting blisters. Some churches and religious buildings might refuse entry to those wearing revealing clothing, so be sure to cover your shoulders, legs and ankles if you'd like to venture inside.

A Spanish phrasebook could also come in handy if you need to ask locals for directions, and remember to carry plenty of change to tip waiters and waitresses after you dine in local restaurants. When you've booked your flights, be sure to check out our Tenerife airport transfers. We use only reliable suppliers to transport you to your resort in comfort and at prices that won't break the budget.

For the adrenaline junkie

If you like to get your heart pumping, chances are you'll be visiting Tenerife's theme parks and you'll need to remember to pack a swimming costume or trunks, goggles, towels and sun cream. Make sure to take along an underwater camera too, if you'd like to remember the look of fear on your family and friends' faces!

For the nature lover

You're never far from wildlife in Tenerife. Whether you're visiting Sea Lion Island in Siam Park or going whale watching along Tenerife's west coast, you'll need clothes and shoes you don't mind getting wet. If you're catching a boat out to sea, you should bring binoculars to spot far-away creatures and a waterproof camera to capture the moment.