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What should I pack for Alicante?

No matter when you travel to Alicante, you're in for holiday memories to last a lifetime. Sunbathing on the beach, dipping into the pool and sipping cocktails at seafront bars are the perfect summer pursuits. But even if you visit during cooler months, Alicante still has art galleries, historical museums and year-round festivals to enjoy.

One thing you won't have to worry about is your luggage. Not only do we have tips on what to pack for Alicante, our easy airport transfers mean you won't have to worry about getting you or your luggage where you need to be – we've got it covered.

Summer holidays

Alicante in the summer is every sun chasers dream. Temperatures from June to mid-September can range from 28-32 degrees – perfect for topping up your tan. With this in mind, when you pack for your Alicante summer holiday, you can travel light – think shorts, sleeveless t-shirts and a host of super cute sun dresses. Sandals will be your best choice for the beach, but comfortable footwear is a must if you're planning to be out and about all day. A comfy trainer or low wedge will be just the ticket.

Protection from the sun is the most important thing to remember when the weather is hot. Buy some high SPF sun lotion, splurge on a stylish sun hat and always take a floaty layer to cover your skin. Luckily, caftans never go out of holiday style.

Winter sun

A winter holiday in Alicante will have you taking a Marie Kondo approach to your suitcase. You'll need to pack a little more than if you were visiting in the height of summer, as the weather will be cooler. Longer trousers, light jumpers and layers like a denim or leather jacket can all be rolled up and neatly tucked into your case. October's the rainiest month, so throw in an umbrella if you're visiting then, while January is the coldest. You're more likely to make use of a jacket and some closed-in shoes – cute ankle boots or high tops will go with every outfit.

You can still accessorise, though – a lightweight scarf will give you holiday vibes even when the sun's popped behind a cloud.

Year-round essentials

Some holiday basics are important all year round. Make a checklist for your passport, hotel details, phone charger and adaptor, toiletries and – of course – your PJs. Most importantly, don't forget to pack details of your Alicante airport transfers. We're here to help you get from A to B as smoothly as possible, as we have a host of great options all at cheap prices, so all you need to do is relax.