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Holiday Extras discovers what we all really want from our hotel

September 23, 2008

Most people will admit to pilfering the complimentary biscuits from their hotel room, but what would they really like to take home? This week, Holiday Extras® asked customers: "What item would you most like to acquire from your hotel room?" in its regular online poll.

Top of most customers' wish lists came fluffy bathrobes, scoring a whopping 47% of the votes. Posh toiletries were a close second at 29.2%, with towels coming in at 15.9%. Less popular, it seems, are the hotel slippers, with just 6.1% placing them on their wishlist, while a modest 1.9% are tempted by the glamorous shower cap.

Mike Whiting, managing editor at Holiday Extras commented: "The results of the poll are an indication that hotels provide their guests with great quality accessories. Perhaps the desire to acquire items from hotel rooms is little more than travellers looking to extend their holiday experience."

While it is generally accepted that the refreshments and travel-size toiletries are gratis, some guests take their entitlement to extremes. In recent years, hoteliers have reported guests stealing toilet brushes, light fittings, mirrors, curtains and even televisions. Many hotels now offer guests the option of paying for items they simply can't resist.

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