Continental enables offsetting

Continental Airlines has announced the launch of a carbon offset programme for its customers.

Continental Airlines has launched a carbon offset scheme allowing customers to balance out the carbon footprint associated with their flight.

Passengers will be able to view the carbon output of their booked itinerary and make a contribution to non-profit organisation Sustainable Travel International.

Proceeds will go towards the purchase of carbon offsets, which are generated by projects designed to reduce the impact of gaseous emissions in the atmosphere.

Continental claims that it has made a "company-wide commitment to environmental responsibility".

The airline states that it has achieved an almost 35 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption over the past ten years.

Brian T Mullis, president of Sustainable Travel International, said: "Having a high-profile, high-quality offset program available to Continental's customers is a significant step for mainstreaming carbon offsetting in air travel.

"When combined with energy efficiency, greater use of renewable resources, waste reduction and thoughtful consumption, offsetting offers a solid strategy for addressing concerns associated with climate change."

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Continental Enables Offsetting