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Huge future for carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting, whereby businesses give their customers the opportunity to make savings in carbon dioxide emissions, is becoming more popular and has a "huge future", according to Carbon Clear.

A spokesperson for the company, which aids in the development of carbon management strategies around the world, said that there is "increasing pressure" on firms to reduce their emissions.

Jamal Gore, managing director of Carbon Clear, said that the most effective way that companies can reduce their carbon emissions is to invest in new machinery.

The cost involved means that this is not something that can happen quickly, so Mr Gore said that offsetting is a way for businesses to contribute to "real, lasting emissions reductions now".

He continued: "I think there's a huge future for voluntary carbon offsetting. Climate scientists say that excess carbon emissions will total 70 billion tonnes by 2050.

"Current international treaties will only address a small fraction of this so we need a huge amount of investment in emissions reductions around the world and carbon trading - offsetting - is an effective way to make this happen."