The Air Transport Users Council (AUC) has said that the Open Skies policy, due to be introduced next year, should bring air fares down.

Any airline will be able to fly from the UK to the US from March 2008, meaning that competition will increase in the market.

James Fremantle, spokesperson for the AUC, said that routes from the UK to America have been very lucrative for some airlines and others are likely to want to enter the market.

"You can take it for granted that airlines are doing pretty well on their American routes," he said.

"Next year it's all being liberalised so any airline can now fly from the UK to the US, so you'll find there will be more airlines offering services to America. That should increase the options available to passengers and should bring fares down as well."

British Airways recently announced that it would be offering more flights to the US next year in anticipation of the Open Skies policy.

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Open Skies 'should Bring Fares Down'