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Disabled passengers get protection

New government policies will give disabled people from the UK more rights when flying in Europe.

Aviation minister Jim Fitzpatrick outlined the new rules last week (July 5th) and said that the policies would improve how disabled people could plan their holiday.

From July 26th, it will become illegal for any airline, travel agent or tour operator to refuse a booking on the basis of disability.

These rules will also cover people with reduced mobility - including people who would not normally be classed as disabled. This means that it will affect holidaymakers with temporary mobility problems.

"The new measure coming into force later this month is only the first step in ensuring that disabled people and those with reduced mobility have the same access to air travel as others," explained Mr Fitzpatrick.

"The second stage, which will come into force next year, will bring further significant benefits to disabled travellers.

"When all these measures are in place disabled passengers will be assured that they can expect a consistent and seamless level of service from airports and airlines."

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