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Eastern Airways flies to Norway

Eastern Airways has said that it will launch its first ever international route from Scotland.

The airline revealed that it will offer a twice-daily weekday service between Aberdeen and Stavanger in Norway.

The route will be served by a 50-seat Saab 2000 aircraft and is due to commence flights on August 13th.

Eastern Airways hopes that the route will prove popular with both business travellers and tourists - who will be attracted by the fact that the Norwegian destination is set to be a European City of Culture in 2008.

Graeme Ross, Eastern Airways' director for Scotland, commented: "Our comprehensive Aberdeen network has been developed to provide businesses, including the energy sector, with vital city links and is naturally complemented with our first international service to Stavanger.

"Our new service will also appeal to tourists visiting the stunning region of Stavanger with its Viking heritage and breathtaking views."

The flights are expected to take 70 minutes and are due to depart from Aberdeen at 0700 and 1605. Return flights will leave the Norwegian city at 0940 and 1845.