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Carbon offsetting from Air Canada

May 2007

Air Canada will give its customers the chance to help the environment by allowing them to offset the carbon emissions from their flight.

The airline has teamed up with Zerofootprint, a not-for-profit organization that operates carbon offset programs, to give passengers the opportunity to minimise their impact on the environment.

"Air Canada is committed to giving customers the opportunity to reduce the environmental effects of their travel," explained Charles McKee, the vice president of marketing at Air Canada.

"We not only want to make it possible for people to make good environmental choices, but we also want to play our part in addressing climate change."

In the future, customers booking flights on Air Canada's website will be able to purchase a carbon offset for their flight. They will also be able to access information about how much carbon their planned trip will produce.

At the moment, it would cost a passenger $19.20 (£9) to offset the emissions on a return flight between Toronto and London.

Air Canada operates flights from several UK airports, including Dublin, Manchester and Heathrow.