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Timing the key for cheap holidays

If you’re looking for cheap holiday deals the secret is all in the timing says flight price comparison website

The company says there is more to making your money go further when choosing a holiday than “sneaking past the eurozone”.

"It’s not just about where you go this summer,” says’s general manager, Francesca Ecsery. “Taking that trip is all about timing if you really want to get more for your money."

To find the best holiday bargains, recommends travelling during the shoulder season. This is the period between peak and off peak travel, and choosing this period won’t just save money.

“Not only is it a cost saving exercise, it can also enhance the quality of your holiday, enabling you to avoid crowds and enjoy a truly relaxing time away. So – if you want to get ahead in the holiday game – aim for the shoulder,” advises.

For beach holidays in the Mediterranean the advice is to beat heatstroke by choosing September of October. A holiday deal to Reus in Spain can be found for £224 in the shoulder season compared to £599 for a similar holiday in August.

And for those who enjoy nothing more than a skiing holiday but who want to avoid the crowds and save cash, early December and April or May are recommended. A holiday deal to the ski resort of Chamonix in France costs £829 in the peak season, but during the shoulder season the price can be as little as £289.

Caribbean holidays can also be more affordable if you travel during the shoulder season. Prices fall by a half says if you travel to Barbados, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago during the extended shoulder season from June through October.

Written by: Nick Purdom