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Busy Holiday at Manchester Airport

This Christmas is expected to be very busy at all UK airports.

Manchester is expecting more than half a million passengers arriving and departing up to the New Year, 2008. Saturday 22nd December is expected to be the busiest day for travel with 58,000 passengers jetting off for a Christmas break.

The most popular warm destination this Christmas is Tenerife and the most popular long haul destinations are Las Vegas and Dubai. Popular short break destinations this year are Paris, Rome and Bergen in Norway.

Manchester Airport parking is also expected to be under a high demand with travellers heading off to the popular holiday destinations. Book ahead with Holiday Extras. Airparks services at Manchester are offering very good rates - the Handforth Dean Airparks car park is only minutes away from the airport but miles cheaper than the on site car parks - Manchester Airparks Gold is the closest off airport car park to Manchester airport terminals.

Manchester Airparks Handforth Dean

Prices from £2.99 per day.
Price for 4 days parking from £11.96

Manchester Airparks Gold (formerly Q-Park)

Prices from £4.40 per day.
Prices for 8 days start from £35.95 and 15 days from £65.95

Get an on-line quote and book cheap airport parking straight away - don't wait until the very last minute or you will end up paying more!