Missed flight connections cause stress

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Airline industry consumer watchdog the Air Transport Users Council has published a report highlighting the travel stress caused by missing flight connections.

The AUC was established by the Civil Aviation Authority to help protect the interests of air travellers and says it has received a number of complaints from passengers who have been left out of pocket because they have missed a flight connection.

“Complaints to the AUC show that missing a connection between two flights can cause passengers considerable stress, inconvenience and expense,” says AUC chairman, Tina Tietjen.

“Despite airlines encouraging passengers to take connecting services, not all airlines will commit to looking after their customers should they miss a connection. Some airlines expect passengers to pick up the bill for any expenses incurred such as meals or hotel accommodation whilst waiting for the available flight,” adds Tietjen.

The AUC has some straightforward advice for airlines. “We think that airlines should commit to looking after their customers throughout their journey. But if they do not, they should at least make it clear what their passengers should expect should they cause them to miss a connection,” says Tietjen.

Other complaints to the AUC have come from passengers who have attempted to make their own connections on two separately contracted flights.

“Our advice to passengers who do this is simple – don’t risk it. Missing such a connecting flight usually means having to buy a new ticket, often at a more expensive, last minute fare, and paying for any meals and accommodation,” Tietjen concludes.

Written by: Nick Purdom


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Missed Flight Connections Cause Stress