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Montenegro targets sustainability

Montenegro's national tourism organisation has outlined its plans for tourism in 2008, placing sustainability at the top of the agenda.

Following a successful exhibition at the World Travel Market in 2007, the national tourism agency of Montenegro has launched its tourism strategy for 2008, with a focus on sustainability.

A number of initiatives will be launched to retain the natural beauty and charm of the country, including a voluntary carbon-offset charge for hotel guests and the development and promotion of nature-based tourism.

Travellers can expect to see more product and marketing development coming out of Montenegro in coming months promoting cycling and hiking in the country.

The government will also look to secure more direct air access from key markets, reducing the need for visitors to make stops as they travel to Montenegro.

Tourism and environment minister Predrag Nenezic said: "Sustainability can mean many things to many people.

"To Montenegro, it means projects that are appropriate to the setting, that in no way impair the precious gift of our incredible natural beauty, that meet a market need, are profitable and economically sustainable for the investor, and that create net social and ecological benefits for the citizens."