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Bale, Freeman cause a stir in Hong Kong

Movie stars Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman have enjoyed an enthusiastic reception in Hong Kong.

Film stars Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman whipped crowds in Hong Kong into a frenzy this week as they arrived in the Chinese city to shoot scenes for their new film.

The actors travelled to the Chinese city for the ongoing production of The Dark Knight, the next film in the Batman series.

Bale was given a particularly enthusiastic reception as he cracked a joke for the crowd, Hello magazine reports.

"I look forward to climbing to the top of your highest buildings and jumping off of them as Batman," the star said.

The actors and production crew were working mainly in the business district of Hong Kong for the new film, which also stars Michael Caine and Heath Ledger as villain The Joker.

Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Far East, as it boasts a blend of lively atmosphere, history, modern amenities and landmarks including the Victoria Peak mountain.