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Danish royals holiday in France

Prince Joachim of Denmark took time out during his holiday to play with his young children, media reports suggest.

According to Hello Magazine, the 38-year-old price took his summer vacation at a chateau owned by his French-born father, Prince Henrik.

While relaxing at the Chateau De Cayx - which is situated in the town of Cahors in south west France - Price Joachim was photographed playing with his two young sons.

During the holiday, the trio turned part of the grounds into a racetrack for remote controlled cars and played on swings in the parkland.

Cahors is found in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France, which is an area which is perennially popular with British holidaymakers.

Popular tourist activities in the region include tours of the famous vineyards, visits to caves where Roquefort cheese is produced and, for the more adventurous, hang gliding.

Nearby Toulouse is described by the Lonely Planet as follows: "Its taste for celebrations and fine food is attracting a growing number of new inhabitants.

"Toulouse enjoys temperate, Mediterranean-style weather, with hot summers and mild winters."