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Annual travel insurance is sensible

Holidaymakers who think they will make more than one trip in a year should consider investing in an annual travel insurance policy, an industry expert has said.

Carmel McCarthy, the PR manager for insurer Direct Line, said that holidaymakers could make large savings by opting for annual cover, rather than buying single trip insurance each time they went away.

"If you are going on more than one trip a year, it is advisable to get an annual policy as you can save more money by doing so," Ms McCarthy advised.

However, she added that people had to be careful when opting for annual policies as they sometimes excluded some activities.

"If you are undergoing dangerous activities you need to inform your insurer or at least get confirmation that those activities are actually covered.

"I think that a lot of people are under the perception that they are actually covered when they're not."

In addition, Ms McCarthy pointed out that it was vitally important for people to be "honest and upfront" when arranging holiday insurance as any lies could invalidate the cover.