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Taxes wouldn't put people off flying

Green taxes on low-cost airlines would put people off flying, a new survey revealed.

In an online questionnaire, three in ten readers of said that more taxes on cheap flights would put them off flying to France.

Indeed, the study showed that financial concerns were far more likely to stop people flying than worries about the environment. Just 16 per cent of the readers said that they would not fly to France because they were concerned about the emissions for their flight.

The vast majority (78 per cent) of people said that if they could not fly to France, they would take their car instead. Only 16 per cent said they would take the more environmental option of the train.

"Given the constant publicity given to the impact of low-cost flights on the environment, it is interesting to see that it has so little effect on people's travel plans, and that it is the age-old issue of money that talks loudest," commented Michael Streeter, property editor of

"But what comes out most strongly is that for the vast majority, the joys of la belle vie in France overcome any concerns about extra taxes or global warming."