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Tourism good for developing countries

Tourism has helped some of the least developed countries in the world participate more in the global economy, the United Nations secretary general has claimed.

Speaking during his first visit to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) in Spain, Ban Ki-moon expressed his support for sustainable tourism and said that more travel could bring the world together.

"Tourism is the peoples' building block for global peace and cultural understanding," he explained. "When approached in a sustainable manner, travel for recreation can also help drive economic growth and alleviate poverty."

The secretary general also praised UNWTO's work a developing a strategy to face the ?changing climate conditions. The organisation has also been attempting to encourage action to mitigate tourism's environmental impacts.

"I look forward to the presentation of your conclusions at the conference on climate change in Bali this December," he concluded.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon was appointed secretary general of the UN in January and reportedly speaks four languages fluently.

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