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Heathrow flight delays

Thick fog and frosty weather are causing severe delays and cancellations at airports around the country. Heathrow is the worst affected, with the Met Office reporting that the weather will continue to disrupt flights from the airport until tomorrow afternoon.

British Airways has cancelled all domestic flights from Heathrow and many European ones. All flights from Coventry and some from Cardiff and Manchester have been cancelled. BA flights from Scotland have been cancelled and there are also severe delays out of Gatwick.

In a statement last night, BA said: "Customers are urged to continually check for the latest news or contact us on 0800 727 800 to see if their flight is still operating. This situation is beyond British Airways' control and is affecting all airlines operating at London Heathrow."

The airport is expected to be able to manage only around half of the normal landing and take-off rates today, the airline said.

Roads are also expected to be affected with the most congested areas at eastern and western ends of the M25, the M1 around Luton and the M6 between junctions 4 and 10.

The Association of British Travel Agents say about three million people are set to go abroad over Christmas and that the peak day for travel is expected to be Friday. BAA estimates that two million people will be leaving through it's seven UK airports. About 230,000 are set to travel across the Channel and more than 125,00 are booked onto Eurostar services out of London Waterloo.

For more information on delayed flights contact your flight operator before you start your journey.

By: Abby Oleksik