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Is it worth taking out a volcano insurance policy?

24 May, 2010

Over 70% of British travellers would consider volcano insurance, says

Seventy-three per cent of customers surveyed over the last week would consider taking out some kind of natural disaster insurance cover in the future to avoid the stress and financial loss that resulted from the recent volcanic ash cloud.

Following weeks of air travel disruption caused by the Icelandic volcano eruptions, can reveal that 9% of those polled would definitely take out such cover; 20% probably would, due to its low cost; and 44% would consider it but would question how often such an event will actually occur (46% of the women polled, 35% of men).

Twenty-seven per cent of travellers questioned thought that natural disaster insurance was a waste of money.

In the same survey, the UK's market-leading holiday add-ons provider found that the vast majority of British travellers (73%) arrange their travel insurance more than one month before departure. Twelve per cent organise their policy two to four weeks prior to leaving the country; and 8% sort their insurance between one and two weeks before flying.

A less well-prepared 6% pay for travel insurance two to six days before setting off on holiday and 1% leave it until the day before. Men and women travellers had similar views on these questions.

Andrea Clayton, head of insurance for, said: "It's reassuring to know that so many of our customers plan ahead with regards to their travel insurance.

"The decision of our Underwriter not to offer cover for the Icelandic ash cloud is not based on an element of small print in the working (not an 'act of god' or adverse weather) but simply a cancellation cause that was never thought of.

"The insurers who offered some cover for the initial disruption have gradually withdrawn cover for the subsequent events. Travel insurance, like all other types of insurance policies where a one-off premium is paid, is not designed to cover "known events".

" is still investigating the possibility of offering this type of cover in the future."

In response to the latest bout of volcanic ash disruption, has offered those customers not entitled to a refund FREE holiday insurance* for their next trip.


Notes to editors
Based on the responses of 1,869 customers during May 2010.
*This holiday insurance will not include natural disaster cover.