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Premium economy on Quantus

Quantus will offer passengers the option to choose a premium economy seat in the future.

Australia's national carrier Quantus has announced that it will offer a premium economy cabin on its flights to and from the UK.

The new class, which offers passengers more comfort at a small extra cost, will be introduced across the airline's existing fleet of 747-400 aircraft from February 2008.

When the airline takes delivery of its new A380 superjumbos in August 2008, the class will be added to these craft too.

Passengers flying in premium economy will benefit from a seat with more legroom, width and recline, an in-arm digital widescreen television monitor and a power point for laptops.

"The Premium Economy seat was designed by Marc Newson - the designer of our award winning Skybed sleeper seat - and manufactured by Recaro, which makes seats for luxury auto brands such as Aston Martin, Audi and Porsche," explained the airline's executive general manager, John Borghetti.

In addition, the cabin will feature a self-service bar where passengers can pick up refreshments during the flight.

Mr Borghetti added: "Premium economy customers will also have a dedicated check-in area."

Quantus currently flies from the UK to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney and Melbourne.

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