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Low cost airline easyJet

A complaint by rival low cost airline Ryanair has led to the banning of an ad campaign by easyJet intended to attract customers to its cheap flights.

The ads stated: "Book by Friday and if you find it cheaper elsewhere we'll refund double the difference." But following complaints by low fares airline Ryanair the ads were investigated by advertising watchdog the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).

In its ruling on the ads the ASA comments: "While the design and layout of the ads gave the impression the double the difference refund was easy to obtain, the very restricting terms and conditions suggested it was not”.

In order to get the double the difference refund passengers had to prove they could get a cheaper flight from the same airport to the same destination departing within an hour of the easyJet flight.

"We also noted Easyjet had not sent sufficient evidence to show customers had been able to take up the offer. We therefore concluded the ads were misleading," stated the ASA in its ruling.

Budget airline easyJet, which is based at Luton airport, ran the double the difference ads in the press and on the internet last summer in order to promote a number of cheap summer air fares. Following the ASA’s ruling the no frills airline will not now be able to re-run the ads.

Ironically, Ryanair recently criticised the ASA when it banned one of it own ads. The ad features a Britney Spears style schoolgirl with the caption: “Hottest back to school fares”. The ASA banned the ad because it felt linking teenage girls with sexually provocative behaviour could cause widespread offence.

In response low fares airline Ryanair said the ruling showed the ASA was “out of touch” and threatened “we will not be withdrawing this ad and we will not provide the ASA (Absurd Silly Asses) with any of the undertakings they seek".

Written by: Nick Purdom


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EasyJet Cheap Flights Ad Banned