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Low-cost Israel service to begin

June 2007

New low-cost services between the UK and Israel have been announced.

Thomsonfly revealed that it would offer three flights a week to Israel from both Luton and Manchester airports. These services are due to commence from November 1st.

Flights from both the UK airports will land in Tel Aviv and special kosher meals will be available on the services to cater for the Jewish passengers who are expected to use the routes.

"Our decision to launch into Tel Aviv will satisfy the huge demand for direct flights to this exciting Israeli city," explained Thomsonfly's commercial director, Guy Stephenson.

"Tel Aviv has a growing reputation as a stylish and lively choice for city breaks, but also as an important destination for cultural exchanges between schools and religious groups, religious and history-based leisure breaks, visiting friends and relatives and as a place for doing business."

A representative of the Israeli Tourist Board, Uzi Gafni, also welcomed the low-cost services, saying: "The new Luton and Manchester routes into Tel Aviv give British travellers even greater access to what is arguably one of the most vivacious and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Israel is famed for having highest number of museums per capita of any country and many of these - including the Eretz Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art - are situated in Tel Aviv.