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T5 offers 'revolutionary' parking

BAA has described the parking options that will be available at Terminal Five next year as "revolutionary".

Travellers using the airport parking facilities at Heathrow's Terminal Five will receive a "revolutionary" service, airports operator BAA has claimed.

A number of innovations will be implemented at the new terminal with the aim of making passenger experiences smoother.

New bay monitoring technology will enable drivers to reach an empty space as quickly as possible, while a variable messaging system will deliver electronic messages in the form of arrows to help drivers avoid queues.

Hugh Fenn, BAA travel services director, said: "The new developments at Terminal Five are a sign of the changing needs of 21st century traveller.

"We hope that through increased numbers of spaces and the use of revolutionary technological advances, our airports can cater for every type of traveller providing the most simple and stress-free experience possible."

There will be over 7,000 parking spaces available at Terminal Five within three car parks.

The 3,800-space short-stay car park will be within walking distance of the terminal's check-in area.