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Survey shows easyJet has cheapest fares

A new survey reveals that easyJet offers the lowest air fares for business travellers on the busiest European routes 79% of the time.

The low cost airline commissioned ITM Research, the research arm of the Institute of Travel Management, to conduct an independent and unbiased price comparison using business travellers in the South East flying mainly from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton airports.

The study was based on return fares to 22 European and UK domestic destinations and included fares negotiated with traditional airlines compared with the base easyJet price plus speedy boarding and applicable fees and taxes.

"Once again easyJet debunks the myth that special sweetheart deals negotiated with the legacy airlines provide value for money – they don’t. They just produce a fare that is slightly less expensive than it was to start with," comments easyJet regional general manager for the UK, David Osborne.

"easyJet has tailored its products and services for the business traveller, with frequent flights to major business airports and not out of town airfields," Osborne continues.

The research also showed that for UK domestic travel, the frequency of easyJet flights meant that on 90% of occasions easyJet offered a cheaper alternative itinerary to the flight booked.

ITM Research previously showed that over 35% of companies adopt a 'lowest logical fare' policy for European short haul travel. But the most recent research reveals companies are wasting money by only booking easyJet for 10% of journeys, and that companies could save over £100 on at least 35% of journeys.

Written by: Nick Purdom