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Ryanair raises check in charges

Low fares airline Ryanair has announced that it is increasing airport check in and baggage charges from 5th May.

The airline says it is part of its drive to increase the number of passengers checking in online. Cynics may see it as a way for airlines to increase revenue in difficult times.

From 5th May Ryanair’s checked in baggage fee will rise from €9 to €10, and airport check in fees will increase from €4 to €5. The budget airline says passengers can avoid these fees by only travelling with hand luggage weighing up to 10kg and checking in online. Anyone who books flights before 5th May will also be able to avoid the increased charges.

“40% of Ryanair passengers currently avoid queues at both check-in and boarding by availing of our free web check-in service, and this increase in baggage fees will result in fewer checked in bags and more passengers changing to online check-in,” says Ryanair spokesperson, Peter Sherrard.

“Online check-in is faster, more efficient and costs Ryanair less. There is no doubt that it is the future for air travel. We will continue to increase baggage fees until half of our passengers check-in online, which will allow us to reduce check-in and handling costs and pass on these savings to our passengers in the form of Europe’s guaranteed lowest fares,” Sherrard adds.

Despite the increase in fees, Ryanair continues to claim it offers the lowest fares. “Ryanair will continue to drive down the cost of travel by reducing its average fare (which includes baggage and check-in revenues) in 2008 and guaranteeing the lowest fares on every route,” says Sherrard.

Written by: Nick Purdom